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If you are a collector there will be rare books and lots more here.

The site was started because of all the books that we have been collecting having to do with movies. There are lots of first editions here but probably not first printings. These books are ideal for the small to medium collector to get a first edition and are also cheaper than having to buy a first printing.

Some items will be listed at our auction site and others may be listed with book dealers or other places. There will be links on the pages where you will be taken to another site to make your purchase or you can click on the image of the item.

I hope you enjoy the site.

All items we sell have already had sales tax paid on them - some many times over as they have changed hands. 
We will also be selling digital items that are referred to as being intangible. We do not buy tax free and then sell and 
keep tax money.

Being A Successful Webmaster – Getting Started

Being A Successful Webmaster – Getting Started

I have written a new book for people who are wanting to start their own online website. It is a step by step guide to help you get started. This book does assume that you have some knowledge of the internet and websites.

You can get the the book at Amazon.com as a Kindle ebook by going here.